Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

At Pickstar, we spent Pride month reflecting.

Reflecting on how we, as a business, are progressing towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

We realised we didn't have guidelines in place, so our first step was to create a Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

It's very much a first step. It lays out our initial commitments. And outlines our plan to create measurable objectives.

This policy and the way it's implemented will evolve over time. It has to. The world will continue to change, as will the viewpoints and opinions of our staff, clients and talent, and we need to be able to reflect those changes.

Pickstar Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Our guiding principles

Diversity and inclusion benefits all stakeholders in Pickstar. We know that diversity and inclusion drives innovation, creativity, meaningful connections and richer human experiences for the benefit of our customers, our talent, our people, shareholders and the broader community.

It just makes sense.

We welcome people of all gender, culture/ethnicity, sexuality, age, language and religious beliefs and focus on fairness and opportunity for under-represented groups in our population like LGBTI+ and indigenous communities along with people who identify as living with a disability.

Our commitment

Pickstar is committed to achieving enhanced diversity and inclusion among our own people and across the portfolio of talent and humans of great achievement that we work with and promote on our platform.

We will:

● Foster and grow a portfolio of talent that is representative of a diverse and inclusive community
● Maintain a safe workplace environment and addressing inappropriate workplace behaviours in all forms including discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation
● Promote an organisational culture consistent with our guiding principles that celebrates diversity and tolerates differences by creating a workplace environment and practices that help meet the needs of a diverse workforce.
● Provide learning and developments opportunities and strategies that expand and nurture the skill base, knowledge and experience of our people
● Ensure that we meet all regulatory requirements in relation to diversity and inclusion

Measurement and accountability

The Pickstar board will establish measurable objectives for achieving diversity and inclusion across our organisation and the talent that we work with. The board will assess the measurable objectives and progress made against these at least annually.

The CEO of Pickstar has overall accountability for the implementation of the Diversity and Inclusion policy including ensuring that all directors, employees, contractors and consultants are made aware of this policy and take individual responsibility for understanding and abiding by the terms of this policy.