Instagram Paid Partnerships: The Ultimate Guide

The social industry has continued to grow, so has the need for transparency in relationships between brands and influencers. Failure to comply to industry ethics and standards can result in serious penalties.

Have no fear, Pickstar is here.

We give you the comprehensive guide (Including a step by step walkthrough) on how to utilise the Branded Content tools on Instagram.


Key Takeaways:

  • New regulatory codes have been introduced in Australia to ensure transparency in influencer marketing relationships.
  • Advertising disclosure is required anytime there is a contracted agreement (written, verbal or digital) between a brand and influencer that includes a financial transaction of some form (be it value in kind, gifts, or free products).
  • Brands are considered the advertiser in an influencer relationship, and are therefore responsible for the declaration of advertising.
  • Although there is no financial penalty for non-compliance, both brands and influencers risk reputational damage if they fail to comply with the relevant code.

For more information about the legal requirements involved in influencer marketing, read the full AANA Code of Ethics.

For a comprehensive look into this topic:

So... You may be thinking, so what does this mean for me as an influencer?

Social platform Instagram have developed tools specifically to assist in the paid promotion sphere. The ‘Branded Partnership’ tool on Instagram, takes away the headache for brands and influencers to arrange their collaborations, and for the appropriate disclosure to be clearly displayed without a barrage of hashtags clogging up an influencer’s caption.

The Benefits:


The use of the tool provides flexibility to both talent and brands. The tool helps businesses gather insights about how their sponsored content campaigns performed. A crucial aspect in assessing performance, businesses (When tagged) will now be able to access the reach and engagement of the post/stories on a number of metrics. Tagging also allows businesses “Partner Approval” giving the ability to assess and control the post before/after the content is post.

Post Security:

Naturally if your post is clearly labelled as a Paid Partnership it further protects you from falling outside of advertising law.

A more legitimate/official form of advertising:

Avoid having to post a barrage hashtags such as #ad #advertisement #promotion in your comments below. The Paid partnership option allows for talent to easily disclose clearly that they are publishing sponsored content. Not to mention the aesthetically pleasing partnership tag at the top of your post! Very official.

Transforming your profile into a Professional/Creator Account:

If you're wondering what or how to do this? Don't worry, we’ll get to it. Essentially, Instagram needs to know what everyone else already does. Make it IG official in your IG bio.

The Process:

Switching your IG Account to Professional/Creator:

Click on the image for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to switch your personal Instagram account to a Professional/Creator account.

  • Switching to a Pro Creator IG Account Walkthrough

How to tag a brand in a paid partnership:

Click on the image for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to properly use the 'Paid Partnership' feature on Instagram for both Story/Feed posts.

  • Uploading Tagging Paid Partnerships Walkthrough 1

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I edit once I've posted?

Your post can be edited at any time! Meaning that paid partnerships can be inserted at any time via the Edit Post option.

How do I become approved for branded partnerships?

Search for your appropriate business in the “branded content section” you are wanting to tag and select them. This will trigger a notification to the tagged business account where they will grant you access to the paid partnership.

Do I need to continuously update/monitor?

This is dependent on the brand’s objectives/goals, by allowing your sponsored post to be promoted by the business gives the opportunity to the business to view reach, insights and the performance of the posts. This also provides the option for the post to be boosted on the back of extra funding.