Duck! A Greyhound's Unfortunate Run-in

A greyhound has had a rather unusual collision on the track in South Australia, getting up close and personal with a feathered foe.

In a bizarre turn of events Loceryl, the Greyhound was within striking distance during a 400m race in Gawler, South Australia when a duck found its way onto the track and collided with the dog.

Loceryl tumbled before picking himself up and finishing the race.

The bird can then be seen flapping away as the greyhound finds his feet and continues running.

Watch for the striped guernsey below:

Trainer Rebecca McAuley-Fry said she was worried about getting him back to the kennel and making sure he was uninjured. She also said she was surprised the race wasn't declared a 'no-race'.

Neither dog nor duck was harmed.

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