Brand Ambassador Staff vs Brand Ambassador Star

So you’re looking for a brand ambassador?

But what exactly are you looking for from a brand ambassador?

Many organisations define brand ambassadors as casual workers who promote your brand at an event or festival.

While at Pickstar, and in the marketing and brand world, we define a brand ambassador as a star who is able to elevate a brand and accelerate brand growth through an engaged following and trustworthy personal brand.

While both brand ambassador staff and brand ambassador stars have their place and unique value within the brand ambassador space, each has an entirely different purpose and outcome for businesses looking to promote their brand.

Being able to understand the differences between promotional brand ambassador staff and brand ambassador stars is one of the key initial steps towards effectively leveraging an ambassador that is right for you.

Brand Ambassador Staff (Promotional Staff)

Brand ambassador staff (or promo staff) are people hired to raise awareness of a product, service or company, and do the majority of their work in person. These types of brand ambassador staff are typically employed casually or on a gig to gig basis and are responsible for promotional activities such as product launches, product sampling, flier distribution and data capturing.

Promotional staff appear mostly in high foot traffic areas such as shopping malls, beaches, university campuses, music festivals and sporting events.

When combined with events or locations that are aligned with the company’s values, brand ambassador staff have the desirable and often rare outcome of being able to directly reach a target audience in person and are an effective short term marketing ploy to build awareness and understanding of a product or brand. A prime example of this is the Red Bull promo staff you often find at extreme sporting events staff with their iconic Mini Cooper filled with product samples.

Red bull
Red Bull have long utilised brand ambassador staff for promotional events

Brand Ambassador Star (Brand Builder)

Where a star brand ambassador differentiates itself from brand ambassador staff is by being a more long term partnership with a company, focused on leveraging the star’s personal brand to accelerate the company’s brand growth.

A brand ambassador star provides a loyal and engaged following by being an established sports star or celebrity. This personal brand equity and visibility unique to the star is a powerful commodity because the trust that comes with it is able to be transferred to the company they’re promoting. This trust can not only influence their followers' purchasing decisions by having the star’s name attached to the company, but also help create more genuine and targeted promotional material over a longer period of time, further building brand equity and loyalty.

Here are a few examples of brand ambassadors that we love.

While on the surface brand ambassador staff and brand ambassador stars share similarities in their mission to promote a brand or product, on closer examination the two yield different outcomes for business partners. Where brand ambassador staff are effective in the short term to launch new products or promotional offers, brand ambassador stars are able to build trust and brand equity for a more sustained period of time.

Le Bron Lifetime Nike Deal
LeBron James with Nike is a perfect example of brand ambassador star

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