Athlete Sells Olympic Medal To Cover Kid’s Cancer Treatment

One of the world’s top discus throwers, Poland’s Piotr Malachowski, sold his hard-earned silver medal to help a mum in need.

Goshia wrote to Piotr about her three-year-old son Olek who was suffering from a rare form of cancer in his eye. The only way to save his eyesight was to take him to New York for treatment by some of the top doctors in America.

Goshia and her family in no means could afford this trip. So, as a desperate mum would do, she wrote letters to all the Olympic athletes she could and that’s when Piotr heard their story.

Medal Sold

He decided to help and give up the most valuable thing he owned – his silver medal.

Piotr successfully auctioned off his medal through Facebook and although he never revealed how much for, Olek’s fundraising goal was around $126,000 and he mentioned that the final sale price was enough to cover the rest of Olek’s treatment.

Piotr said his silver medal was now worth much more to him than it was a week ago.

What an amazingly selfless act!

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