Marketing With Social Media Influencers

With the rapid rise of social media influencers in recent years, influencer marketing is no longer limited to celebrities — it’s now considered a mainstream form of online marketing. Yet, there is still some confusion around paid influencer marketing.

Despite this, there can be little doubt that these days, social media and influencer marketing almost go hand in hand. When done right, influencer marketing is a surefire way to increase your brand’s reach on social media.

In this blog, we’ll define social media influencer marketing, why it’s a winning game plan for brands looking to increase their following, engagement and revenue, and how to develop an influencer marketing strategy that works for you!

What is social media marketing?

Social media influencer marketing is a type of marketing that involves a collaboration between a brand and an online influencer to promote the brand or market one of their products or services.

As well as having dedicated social followings, influencers are often viewed as experts in their niches and have a high level of trust with their followers. A product mention or endorsement from an Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube or Facebook influencer serves as a form of social proof to potential brand customers. This social proof is gold for businesses looking to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

It should come as no surprise that millennials and influencer marketing are a perfect match and that Instagram influencer marketing is one of the most lucrative forms of marketing for this important demographic. Having said this, other popular platforms have huge potential, including Facebook influencer marketing, Twitter influencer marketing and Pinterest influencer programs.

What works in social influencer marketing?

When it comes to social media influencer advertising, a carefully considered approach is a must. As well as putting together a strategy and devising a budget, it’s important that you take a tailored approach when looking for an influencer — one size does not always fit all! Remembering that influencers are people, not large corporations, it can work best to use a human — rather than corporate — approach when looking for an influencer and developing a strategy.

It’s also essential to look further than just the popularity of the influencer. Your main goal in influencer marketing is to elicit a specific action from your potential customers. Therefore, it doesn’t always pay to assume that the influencers with the most followers are the ideal influencers for your brand or niche.

Developing a social influencer marketing strategy

As with any type of marketing, an influencer marketing program requires deliberate planning and targeting. Here are the basics of developing a successful social influencer marketing strategy:

Determine your goals

The first step in marketing with a digital influencer is to define the goals for your campaign. Is it increasing brand exposure within a new demographic or enhancing overall engagement with your content? Which platform do you want to focus on?

Define your target audience

An effective strategy requires you to target and speak to the right people. You must define who your audience will be for the campaign so you can tailor your approach to suit their needs.

Find your ideal influencer

Before you start searching for your influencer, establish the type of person you’d like to work with. Are you after a micro or macro influencer, or something in between? Which influencers align with your brand and goals? Obviously, your budget and preferred choice of platform will play a role in this step.

Collaborate with your influencer

Once you’ve booked your influencer, provide them with some basic guidelines on what you’re looking for. It’s important to note that influencers do their best work when given the freedom to showcase their content creation skills! Instagram influencers and advertising are naturally a great match, but be sure to approve their content before it’s set live.

Monitor your campaign

In order for your campaign to net a positive ROI, it needs to be consistently tracked. Influencer marketing monitoring is a vital component that you cannot afford to miss.

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