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How it works

Pickstar connects businesses, brands and fans with sports stars, celebrities and more to create meaningful connections.

  • Stars matched to you

    You’re looking for more than just a big name. You want a sports star that will kick your goals, whatever they may be. So whether you’re looking for a star that shares your values, an inspiring story or social engagement, PickStar’s custom-built recommendation engine connects you with the right star, not just any star.

  • Speed and simplicity

    Don't lose another moment to Google research, unanswered calls and emails. PickStar’s proprietary technology guides you through the booking process, from start to finish. When your request is approved, sports stars are instantly notified on their phone and you’ll get responses within minutes. Talk directly to the star via our inbuilt chat! No more middle-man.

  • Unlimited possibilities

    PickStar’s platform has brought to life some of the most creative and boundary-pushing sports star ideas. There’s no challenge too great, and no request too small. With the biggest network of sports stars, and options for all budgets and locations, your sports star solution is right here. So what do you have in mind?


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