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Book celebrities in the UK

Book celebrities in the UK and tap into their audience to drive results

If you're looking to give your organisation an edge over competitors, hiring a celebrity speaker is one of the best ways you can compel increased awareness and engagement with your brand. Whether you’re looking to increase your profile in the market, grow sales or upskill your workforce, Pickstar has a celebrity speaker to achieve your goals in entertaining formats that hold your target audience’s attention — and wallet.

In a saturated market where brands and companies are vying for their consumer’s eyes, your business needs a unique way to differentiate itself from competitors and cut through the noise. When you get a celebrity endorsement, ambassadorship or keynote speech, you can connect your starlet’s audience with your company’s positioning and set yourself apart.

Hire UK celebrities and spark excitement with your business

From athletes, influencers, musicians, and actors to reality stars and media personalities, Pickstar allows you to choose from thousands of diverse personalities to represent your product and service. Whether you want to link your business with the gleaming glamour of reality shows, explore tales of teamwork and hardship with an A-league sportsperson or showcase the innovation of your work with an artist, we have an ever-changing roster of talent to keep your marketing fresh. Hire a celebrity today to keep your business at the forefront of the industry and consumers’ minds.

Whether you’re seeking to change consumer behaviour, create awareness around your business or fuel a rush of sales, booking a celebrity speaker will help modernise the positioning of your label — making you look and feel new, exciting and youthful to customers and those that make buying decisions in families.

Target your marketing with a celebrity speaker

Tired of pushing the same advertisements onto the market and hoping for a return? When you hire celebrity speakers in the UK from Pickstar, you can create an experiential activation you can observe and track its effect on sales and other metrics to measure your return on investment.

Celebrity speakers are adept at disrupting the room's energy and adjusting their presentation to capture their audience. Taking a personalised approach that tailors their address to cater to your business needs, they will help amplify the kind of atmosphere your employees, delegates or customers can feel driven to look beyond the known and into the future.

When you hire celebrity speakers from Pickstar, you’re not getting a stock standard service. You can directly access your star and their teams to discuss the touchpoints and outcomes you want to hit during the event. Whether you’re hosting a live event or a virtual conference to reach global audiences, your campaign will have a lasting impact when you combine a social media campaign alongside it so you can continue to leverage and build on its sustained engagement.

Book celebrities in the UK to represent a wide range of markets and audiences

When you hire celebrities with Pickstar, you’re gaining access to an extensive and diverse archive of leading household and industry names to extend the reach of your business. With a vast catalogue to choose from, you can find a figure who matches your budget and your company’s positioning and someone your audience trusts and reveres. Our celebrity speakers are available to present at your business, wherever you are based. From London and Edinburgh to Cardiff and throughout the UK, you can gain access to a celeb that resonates with your message.

Our celebrity speakers are available to help your campaign in several ways, such as:

  • Guest and keynote speaking

  • Virtual conferences

  • Product demonstration

  • Product launch

  • Branded content

  • Question and answer sessions

  • Panel discussions

  • Other marketing collaterals

Bring your audience to you when you get a celebrity endorsement through Pickstar

At Pickstar, we can provide you with a celebrity speaker from a diverse background who can connect their story and following to your product and service. We’ve developed an intuitive end-to-end platform that allows you to source talent that fits your budget and mission. With direct access to the personalities and their teams, you can easily and quickly negotiate your plan and deliverables without hassle or endless messaging.

We’ve made it easy to hire celebrity speakers to bring your team and customers together. Whether you’re creating a proposal to host an event or in the middle of procuring talent, check out our talent and event planner to discover all the opportunities Pickstar can offer you. For more information, we invite you to review our FAQs, and for help with any queries you may have, don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re here to help you discover talent to leave an impression.