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Book keynote speakers in the UK and lead your audience with insights and change-making ideas

From actors and politicians to entrepreneurs and industry veterans, Pickstar has you covered for the best keynote speakers in the UK. Keynote guest speakers can elevate your event, conference, workshop, assembly or virtual meeting, deliberating the latest trends in the market to inspiring stories that will motivate your audience. Explore Pickstar's directory of keynote speakers today for personalities trusted by hundreds of organisations to deliver quality performances and engaging presentations.

Roadmap your path to success with insightful keynote speakers for hire

From hosting networking hubs, and learning and development sessions to creating change in your team to pivot your business, keynote speakers offer an inalienable ability to connect your team members with your business’ mission. With their wealth of experience and expertise, they can address the issues your staff cares about and offer key insights that will open up opportunities and challenges in the industry.

Looking to host an industry conference or a public ticketed event? Explore Pickstar’s catalogue of celebrity keynote speakers in your space who resonate with your audience. Taking advantage of their platform to cultivate your audience’s interests enables you to establish your event and business as a thought leader your consumers will want to be aligned with. So what are you waiting for? Book a keynote speaker with Pickstar today.

Lead by example and find experts on every subject

Find keynote speakers who can speak on a number of topics, including business trends, leadership, resilience, mental health, gender equality, culture, diversity and inclusion and more. Our personalities are experienced in their field and deliver public addresses to small and large crowds so they can impart engaging content while adapting to the audience’s response.

When you book a keynote speaker through Pickstar, you can directly discuss your event’s mission with the talent and their teams, relaying your intent, what you want to accomplish, and what you want your audience to leave with. This allows our personalities to develop and customise a unique presentation tailored to your event.

Want to make your event stand out in the speaker and event circuit? Choose Pickstar and have more control over all the details for a smooth-running event that is profitable in ticket sales.

Generate more value for your keynote speaker event

At Pickstar, we will help you source talent from all arenas of business, politics, health, sport and media to ensure our keynote speakers in the UK are at the height of their success — so you can leverage their platform effectively. From London to Edinburgh and Cardiff, many of our stars will travel to your engagement. They can also appear virtually for events to unite teams and stakeholders working remotely.

From informal presentations during team events to industry affairs and ticketed conferences, our talent is available to speak to your guests in any arena. You can even negotiate to utilise their image as part of your promotional material to market your event and make it a destination in your industry. Or, perhaps you’d like to record it as part of your L&D material — our keynote speakers are flexible in considering many requests, so you can receive the most significant outcome and value.

Discover our stars and give your event a headlining name

At Pickstar, we have a directory of keynote speakers in the UK representing almost every sector and industry space. From headlining names to undiscovered gems, explore our roster of stars that boldly represent their community and your audience.

Choose between entrepreneurs and executives who have thrived through different business cycles to professional athletes and Olympians who have represented their country at world-scale events.

Or book an industry representative who can extrapolate trends and data to lead a pivoting business. By utilising Pickstar to book talent, you can leverage vaunted figures who can inspire change, motivate teams and enrich your audience’s professional and personal lives.

Leave your audience with a lasting impression when you book keynote speakers with Pickstar

Make your event the affair of the circuit and access top-tier keynote speakers in the UK at Pickstar. From legendary sports stars, business leaders, celebrities and other leaders covering health and wellness, media and comedians, give your engagement the star power and high-value content to draw a sell-out crowd.

Whether you want to reach out to our personality directly or create a booking request where names can be recommended based on your event’s scope, we make hiring talent the easiest part of any production.

For more information, we invite you to review our FAQs, or if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re happy to help.