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Wildlife Biologist, Vegan, Influencer and Animal Activist

Ellie Sursara spends up to six months of the year working in the field, whether it be with orangutans in the Borneo jungle or with white sharks in Gansbaai, South Africa. The other six months are spent working on a variety of projects for print, television, film, radio and other publications. So each day is quite different for this intrepid Australian wildlife biologist, broadcaster, filmmaker, science communicator and celebrity conservationist whose television and film work covering environmentalism continue to resonate with global audiences. Today her popularity continues to grow thanks to her social media following.

It’s where she advocates for conservation and wildlife preservation, highlighting our impacts upon the environment as well as our planet. She also posts about sustainability, kind living and travelling ethically to help others make better and more informed choices for our planet. Having worked from Asia to Antarctica across a variety of environmental issues, Ellie Sursara is also widely published, with articles appearing  in The Huffington Post, 10 Daily and National Geographic’s news blog ‘News Watch.’ Furthermore, she is the celebrity ambassador for a range of animal rights organisations including the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the WWF’s Earth Hour. Her innate passion for communicating scientific issues, teaching biological concepts and talking about wildlife, equality and the environment make for some of the most illuminating learnings many will ever experience.

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