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Amy is a Professional Surfer on the WSL World Qualifying Series. She is passionate about training hard, reaching goals and never giving up. Amy portrays a positive, healthy and active lifestyle and is an excellent role model. She loves being able to give back and inspire others to work hard to reach their dreams. As a competitive surfer, Amy has had many career results and highlights both nationally and internationally being the U18 State Champion at only 14,  the 2019 Open Women's Hurley Winter Classic Champion, the current 2021 Robe Easter Classic Women's winner and most recently had a quarter final finish in the Australian Open of Surf Sunshine Coast Pro. Amy also plays Aussie Rules Football at a semi elite level and enjoys pushing herself to be the best person she can and especially her performance as a dual athlete. Though all of Amy's achievements at her young age, it has not been an easy journey. Amy has battled many different hurdles that have tried to take away her ability to be an athlete... yet none have ever been able to stop her, even despite medical expectations. As an elite athlete and role model (also in sharing her story ) Amy has conducted multiple Q&A sessions and guest speaking roles. Amy has also had multiple experiences through advertising campaigns appearing on television, billboards, magazines and brochures. She has featured in local, national and international newspapers and/or articles and has a public media profile. Outside of advertising Amy can often be spotted competing through live streaming on the internet, along the coast as a surf instructor or somewhere outdoors being active.  

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New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria