7 great brand ambassadors in 2021

Awareness. Trust. Loyalty.

These are all outcomes that can be achieved through long term partnerships with a brand ambassador whose values and passions align with your brand or product.

While it isn’t always easy to find the right brand ambassador, a well leveraged partnership with clear deliverables can create the opportunity to reach a dedicated and trusting audience in the ambassadors followers and the broader public alike, and makes the investment absolutely worth it.

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Here is a list we’ve put together of our favourite brand ambassadors so far in 2021.

ANZ & Dylan Alcott

2021 saw the continuation of Dylan Alcott’s dominance at the Australian Open, both on and off the court.

Alcott won his 7th consecutive Australian Open Quad Singles title, and continued his work as the face of ANZ Australia’s advertising campaign as an official partner of the Australian Open.

The partnership is brilliant as both ANZ and Alcott command Australia’s front of mind during the month of January, and ANZ’s values of accessibility and financial well-being are in perfect alignment with Alcott’s work as a disability and youth advocate.

Being partnered since 2017, ANZ’s ability to leverage Alcott’s prowess on the court and his larrikin personality away from the game to create engaging and entertaining marketing material is a brilliant example of how a company can use an ambassador to build trust and brand equity.

Alcott ANZ
Dylan Alcott and ANZ

Vegemite & Ash Barty

Australia’s most iconic brand and our number one tennis star.

As the nation prepared for Australia’s tennis summer to begin, Vegemite declared that they were ‘Mitey’ proud to continue their partnership with women’s world number one and homegrown hero Ash Barty for a fourth year. Known as a down to earth and affable superstar, Ash Barty presents as the perfect brand ambassador for Australia’s most iconic brand.

Admired by audiences both young and old and a brilliant role model, Barty’s grit and determination on the court and her authentic easy going charm off the court make her the quintessential Aussie athlete to represent the brand. This authenticity and trust is only compounded by the fact that Barty grew up eating Vegemite.

Like Dylan Alcott, Ash Barty is a dominant figure in the world of advertising during the Australian Open’s January run. Her visibility is strongest on the court as the number one draw card in women’s tennis, and the iconic Vegemite patch emblazoned on her top is a prominent reminder of why we love the ambassadorship so much.

Ash Barty Toastto Ash Barty 1260x840
Ash Barty and Vegemite

Gro & Mat Rogers

When ‘Gro’ were looking to penetrate the NSW/QLD market, dual-code rugby legend Mat Rogers presented as the perfect brand ambassador for the Melbourne hair growth specialists.

As someone dealing with male pattern baldness himself, Rogers’ passion about breaking the stigma around hair loss and hair transplant procedures, his visibility to a range of supporters, as well as his skills and general likeability from previous TV work allowed Gro to create a promotional content series tracking his own hair growth journey.

The authenticity and passion showed, as the content series gained a lot of traction for Gro and resulted in a sharp uptick in calls, bookings, and revenue.

Mat Rogers Before 3 Months After Gro Microsurgery
Mat Rogers and Gro

Huawei & Cate Campbell

Despite the disappointment of a postponed Tokyo 2020 Games, decorated Olympian Cate Campbell was still able to win gold away from the pool thanks to her brand ambassadorship with Huawei.

Looking for a trusted figure to promote their new Huawei Watch GT2 and the Huawei iP30Pro, Cate Campbell presented as the perfect brand ambassador to help Huawei penetrate the Australian market.

What makes the partnership work so well is the shared values between Campbell and Huawei. Campbell’s advocacy for health and fitness combined with Huawei’s innovative new smart products provided the perfect opportunity for Huawei to tap into the swimmer’s loyal social media following to promote the dynamism of the two parties.

Like many other successful ambassadorships, Campbell’s ability to create her own content for the ambassadorship only served to increase the level of perceived authenticity for the audience and uphold her pre-existing brand image, and to effectively build awareness of Huawei’s new products.

Screen Shot 2021 05 10 at 11 13 11 am
Cate Campbell and Huawei

Milo & Assorted Athletes

During the height of the pandemic in 2020 as families around the country grappled with lockdown, Nestle sought to promote physical activity and their Milo product range in a way that engaged with some of Australia's top sporting stars. The idea was to run virtual exercise sessions for children at home with their parents due to COVID restrictions, the manifestation of which became ‘Saturday Sport Shorts’, a series produced in tandem with ‘Mama Mia!’, and hosted by Andrew Daddo.

To help them with this, Milo teamed up with Olympians Kyle Chalmers and Genevieve Lacaze, Paralympic champion Kurt Fearnley, Rugby League star Joel Thompson, Australian Ninja Warrior winner Jack Wilson, Former AFLW player and media personality Abbey Holmes, Matilda’s star Kyah Simon, and Australian Diamonds captain Caitlin Bassett.

This brilliant cross section of young, visible Australian athletes could appeal to a wide range of kids and parents looking to stay active during lockdown, all of whose values of encouraging healthy habits for kids is in perfect alignment with Milo’s active brand image. Each of the ambassadors status’ as elite athletes helped build the foundation of trust that allowed for a successful partnership, and resulting ability to give back to those in need during a tough time is what makes this brand ambassadorship so special.

Milo saturday sports shorts
Kyah Simon for Milo's 'Saturday Sport Shorts'

UNIQLO & Dyson Heppell + Matthew 'Richo' Richardson

As a relative newcomer to the Australian clothing retail industry, the ability for a foreign company such as UNIQLO to appeal to its new market in an authentic way is so important.

This is why they chose to partner with Essendon Bombers captain Dyson Heppell and AFL great and commentator Matthew ‘Richo’ Richardson for their winter range titled ‘Life in the Cold’. The choice of these two household names (at least in AFL states) for a winter campaign was a brilliant use of star ambassadors by UNIQLO, as both are extremely visible during the winter months via the AFL footy season, both on the field and in the media.

Additionally, the decision to choose both a current and a former player allowed UNIQLO to hit both the younger and older age demographics, and build a new audience in an authentic manner native to Australia.

Screen Shot 2021 05 10 at 11 27 06 am
Dyson Heppell and Matthew Richardson for UNIQLO's 'Life in the Cold' Campaign

Coles & Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone has been the face of Aussie supermarket giant Coles for over a decade now, and the symbiotic success and longevity of the partnership serves as a testament to how valuable long term brand ambassadorships can be.

The perfect flavour fusion of being a Michelin Star winning chef, a charming TV personality, as well as a homegrown Aussie trailblazer makes Stone a highly trusted and admired figure. His values of creating fresh, nutritious and delicious food are in perfect alignment with Coles’ mission to provide all of these at affordable prices for all Australians, only serving to enhance the authenticity of the collaboration. Thanks to the longevity of the partnership, Curtis Stone’s name has become synonymous with Coles, and this kind of sustained positive brand association can be a game changer in terms of brand equity.

The pairing of a talented and beloved Australian chef with a supermarket chain is the perfect usage of a star ambassador, and has created a valuable point of difference in Coles’ war with rival Woolworths through their ability to promote Stone’s world class recipes using Coles’ Australian produce.

Coles curtis stone down downt2
Curtis Stone and Coles

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